Designing websites, logos, brochures, print ads, newsletters and more for your small business or non-profit organization — working together with you to bring your vision to life.


Custom WordPress installation and themes to enable business owners more control editing their websites. The dedicated server is optimized for the job and support is just an email or phone call away.


In business for over 20 years, building clean, high-quality websites from the ground up.  If you’re having problems with your website or your hosting — let’s fix it!

Marketing your business online can be expensive for a small business owner, especially in a competitive market like Chicago. I design elegant websites, and provide dependable, private hosting services.

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Our recent projects

This portfolio highlights examples of our work that illustrate our belief in clean design and simple user interface.  Examples of web design, database design, e-commerce solutions, logo design, print work, mobile layouts and more can be found within.

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What our Clients are saying

Ray has always given us spectacular service.  Whether we needed a fresh layout for our website, correcting an email issue, or even a problem with one of our office pc’s, Ray has been just a quick phone call away.  We love that he’s local and quick to respond.

There have been times in the past 5 years where we have had a chance to sit down with Ray and go over a marketing strategy for our business.  We really appreciate his availability and willingness to listen.  Even by way of phone or email, Ray is always more than happy to help on a moment’s notice.  And that’s made us appreciate him all the more.

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